Ending Poverty in South Asia: Ideas That Work

Development cannot be imposed from the outside. It has to happen from within. This groundbreaking book from South Asia shows how homegrown experiments can be scaled up to transform the lives of millions of poor women and men in the developing world.

Here are stories of development ideas that work—and of the visionary individuals who were determined to see them succeed. These achievements have taken place against all odds, in countries struggling with widespread corruption, weak governance, minimal infrastructure, deep-rooted social divisions, and poorly functioning judicial systems.

South Asian economies are booming, yet millions are still excluded from participation in this growth. This book offers valuable lessons in how to make markets and services work to benefit poor people directly, enhancing their dignity and freedom of choice. Written by program insiders, these case studies show how governments, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector can initiate change, learning, expanding and adapting as they go.

Ending Poverty in South Asia is an essential tool for policy makers, social scientists, and development practitioners—indeed for all who are interested in tackling poverty and growth issues from the bottom up.