Conversation, Compassion, Change

Chup Circles is a self-help movement for gender equality in the cities, led by thoughtful men and women engaging in conversations to change mind-sets, habits, social rules, and law. These are self-organized groups for all genders.

Safe space

Within the safety of a Chup Circle, you will have honest conversations, share your experiences, build solidarity along with the strength required to make personal and systemic change. This will be a space for deep listening, compassion and non-judgment.

Shared Purpose

Chup Circles are for anyone who wants to grow their community of support and solidarity. It brings together people for a shared purpose.

Creative Curriculum

Chup Circles are guided by a curriculum, which utilizes questions and creative processes to tap into life experiences. They add play, joy and laughter to the process in a way that is empowering.

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