Voices of The Poor Volume 01

Can Anyone Hear Us?, goes beyond typical methods of poverty assessment to get the inside track on global poverty through the use of Participatory Poverty Assessments (PPA's). PPA's seek to understand poverty from the perspective of the poor and directly involve the poor in follow-up action. This publication encompasses the uninhibited voices of 40,000 impoverished people around the globe. The result is a definition of poverty much richer than the traditional one, as well as, a behind the scenes evaluation of the current methods attempting to alleviate poverty in the world today. This new means of evaluating poverty is truly interesting because it puts a fresh spin on the issue.

Specifically, Deepa Narayan, the book's primary author, reveals that poverty is much more complex than generally perceived. She goes to great lengths to discuss that while poverty is material in nature, it has tremendous psychological repercussions. She weighs the voices of men and woman equally and uses the results of the studies to evaluate current programs, government, community-based and non-government, on the experiences of the people whom they aim to help. Finally, the book recommends various changes be made to status quo international poverty reduction programs.