Do I need to be qualified to start a Chup Circle?

No, we will supply everything you need, including moderator training sessions.

Do I have to have read the book to start a Chup Circle?

No, although the book supplies the backbone of research to Chup Circles. We would recommend strongly that the moderator and participants read the book.

I don’t have 10 friends. What is the least number of friends I can start with?

We recommend at least 6 participants, they can be friends of friends, acquaintances,

Can a Chup Circle be a mixed group of men and women?

Yes, the demographic of Chup Circles is entirely up to the person choosing to start it.

Is there an age limit ?

We suggest 18-85 years.

Do I charge the participants of a Chup Circle for attendance?

No, although we recommend dividing the costs of supplies, papers, notebooks etc. and everyone can bring food to share.

Do I have to complete all 10 sessions?

Yes, once you start Chup Circles you must complete all the sessions.

Do you offer any sort of support training materials if I were to start a Chup Circle?

Yes, all materials will be sent out once you have been selected and have committed to start a Chup Circle. We will provide moderator training and back up support, 2 calls during and 2 follow up calls.

Can I add my activities to your curriculum?

No. If you are an experienced facilitator send us your ideas and training experience.

Do you offer Chup Circles in any other languages?

Currently no, but people are spontaneously translating it into local languages

What do I do if my group gets too big?

You can recruit another person/moderator to help run your Chup Circle, break down the group into smaller groups, or create two Chup Circles. If you have no previous facilitating experience, we do not recommend more than 15 people.